Friday, March 23, 2012

Personality Testing with Various Results

The date with Woo Woo Woman (I dislike this nickname for her) was pleasant. She is lots of fun, but perhaps a little too subdued for me. We talked a little about the Briggs-Myers Personality Test 

She is an INFJ 

The last time I took the test I was an ISFP. I just took the test linked above and came out as INTP, go figure.

I don’t put too much faith in these tests, especially the ones with so few questions. I took a 500 question Myers-Briggs test once. Ugh, that thing was excruciating. I think I was an ISFP on that one too.

We might do something together this Saturday.   There is a Japanese themed dinner party I may try to drag her to.  Although I'm not sure what type of Japanese food I would bring to the potluck. Maybe some seaweed salad. I love that stuff.


I have a date tonight with SuperBowl Woman.  Not really a date, but a get-together. We are either going to see the movie Pina  or  meet up with some other people for some late night dancing to 80’s music. Should be fun either way.

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