Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You Can Dance... For Inspiration

I’m starting to feel better about the house remodel.

We are replacing all of the gray water drainage pipes in the house. The existing pipes were almost plugged with disgusting sludge because the pipes were installed without enough slope to let liquid drain properly. The basement walls have one coat of DryLok paint on them, and soon will have another. We see that water is still leaking into the basement though. We need to concentrate on the outside ground before we frame anything in the basement.


I have a date on Thursday. A woman that I dance with came up to me the other day and asked me for a date. I said yes, and we will have a nice meal at one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants that serves traditional “street vendor style” food.  I have met this woman once before, at a friend’s birthday party. She actually has been around my new circle of friends for a very long time, and I have just never connected with her at any of the large gatherings.

She might be a bit woo woo for me, but a friendly date that could turn into a nice friendship is not unwelcome.

My new goal for myself though, is to go on a date with someone that I have approached, not with someone that has approached me, or a blind date. The few women I have been on dates with since my wife died have all approached me in some form or another. I really feel that ecstatic dance, and the contact improvisation dance jam, is helping me get the self-esteem and self-worth to encourage myself to be bold.

There is a woman at the contact improv that I would like to ask out on a date. I found out she has a child, so I automatically wanted to remove her from the dating pool.  That’s just another excuse I can tell myself instead of gathering the courage to ask her out. It’s just a date, not a wedding proposal.

You Can Dance... For Inspiration - first line from Madonna's song "Into the Groove"

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  1. Woo woo. Had to look that up.
    Actually, I think it says a lot about your confidence level that women approach you and ask you out. Women are not generally attracted to a total insecure wuss. So kudos to you and give yourself a little more credit. Sounds to me like you are putting yourself out there pretty well.
    How did you meet your wife? Did you approach or did she approach you?- T.