Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Advantage of a Misspent Youth

Yes, I realize my post from yesterday had some activities that might be frowned upon at that young of an age. Just to be clear, I don’t condone that type of behavior nowadays. The teenagers of the 1970’s experienced a wild time that was pre-HIV, pre-meth, and pro-disco.

And rest assured, my childhood did not include a steady diet of worldliness. If anything, I am grateful to be exposed to those things at an early age in a relatively safe environment. When the pressure from my school friends came around to try things a few years later, I already knew the effect things would have on me. I chose not to succumb to peer pressure and could easily divert myself into other situations, or limit my intake to a nominal amount.  At parties, I can still nurse a shot of whiskey for well over an hour thanks to my youth.


The house loan documents have been approved, we are now just waiting for the appointment to sign the closing papers. The house is a foreclosed Freddie Mac home, so it could take another couple of weeks.

The house is basically move-in ready if I am ok with the funky 60’s kitchen upstairs. It would be nice to re-do the kitchen and add a dishwasher and garbage disposal.

I suppose the roof can wait until spring.

I already have a few people interested in checking out the place and perhaps moving in. It would be great to have good quality friends move in. The friendship would either grow tighter, or end in a ball of flame.


  1. No frowning here. I am grateful for the freedom that growing up in the 70's and early 80's provided. I cant imagine how I would have messed things up if I had access to the technology we have today or had to deal with the zero tolerance rules kids face now. We had a lot more freedom to experiment.
    My movie was trilogy of terror. It was three shorts, but I only remember one. It was a woman that received a little troll as a gift but she was not supposed to remove the tag on its wrist. Of course she removed the tag. The little guy came to life and went to work trying to kill her in her apartment. It was especially terrifying to me because my parents had picked up a similar troll on vacation in Norway. He even wore a little tag on his wrist!
    I could live forever without a dishwasher. But no way on a disposal. My first house was 1938 and in original condition. I lived in it for 10 years without a disposal. I missed it everyday. Btw, how did the b-day speech go? - T.

    1. I must have missed that flick, sounds freaky though. Kinda like that one about the monkey paw that grants wishes, it freaked me out but I can't remember the title.

      And yes, small things like garbage disposals make like much easier :)

    2. The monkey paw is vaugly familiar. I am going to have to google that.-T.

  2. Whoops see you already wrote about the b-day deal. I'm behind in reading. - T.

  3. I wouldn't beat myself over it.. at least you weren't jacking cars..(I think)