Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The "Talk" talk

Had a New Year’s Eve party at my place. There were probably 75 people that wandered through by night’s end. Some wonderful people showed up. There were some top-grade musicians that were jamming downstairs, and there was a euro-techno dance party upstairs. Much fun was had by all.

I brought down the house with a remix of a great Dolly Parton song. Jolene remixed by Johnatron  It was a great song to end the dancing with.


I had dinner with B.D. last night. She came over to my place and we had a nice talk. About 20 minutes into catching up with each other over the last two weeks, I started “The Talk”.

I mentioned how much fun we have and how easily we get along. I then told her that I wouldn’t be able to move this relationship forward any further than it is. She responded much like I expected, with barely an eye blink. She said she has heard me state previously that I am not ready for a heavy relationship and that she had quickly slid me into “boyfriend” roll into her life and that she needed someone with more drive and desire in their life to make an effort to make plans with her.  We smiled and acknowledged we have a fun time together, and then we went and had dinner. It was a great dinner, and then we parted ways. I suspect we will run into each other at events, but I doubt either of us will make the effort to make specific plans to see each other.

Still waiting to start signing paperwork on the house. Since it is owned by the government, there is supposedly more paperwork than normal. It will feel real if I can sign something, and/or they put a PENDING status on the property.

Talk Talk- It's my Life


  1. Congrats on your house. Sounds like a fun New Year's Eve party. You and BD sound so low drama. Funny how that happens when we have a life little experience. Happy New Year. ~Tricia

  2. Tectonic shifts! Glad you're feeling better, and that things are falling into place.