Thursday, December 29, 2011

Remember, Be Here Now

Finally feeling better, and so much has happened. Life can spin around so fast sometimes.

The big news is that my offer on the house has been accepted. The paperwork might take longer than normal, so the closing date is set for February 8th.  I am very excited about this house.

I am having a New Year’s Eve party at my apartment this year, and I had previously planned to get the place organized and put up some artwork on the walls, and shop for snacks and beverages… but this ugly sick spell that has a hold of me is keeping me down. I just now am starting to catch up on normal housework like laundry so the extra spiffing up probably won’t happen.


I am starting to waffle and be indecisive again. With the holidays, B.D. has been out of town for a while and we have not talked. The distance has been nice and has me thinking this whole relationship thing with her isn’t too bad.


Work has been extremely busy and the days have been flying by fast. I like it.

With busy work and a sick body, not much inner exploration happens, and it is a rather nice respite. Sometimes it’s good to remember to “just be”


  1. Congratulation on the house!!!!!!!!!!


  2. House sounds great, congradulations.