Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Xmas Funk

I think my downer attitude is just the basic holiday blues.

I talked with my in-laws last night and they have invited me to their home for Christmas again. I don’t think I will go over there this year. My father-in-law and I talked again about a remembrance gathering for my wife on her birthday. It was a tear-filled phone call for me as I sat in the parking lot of a restaurant on my way to a Christmas dinner with my co-workers.

The last few days I have been looking at large vans/small RV’s again.  I am seeing some really sweet setups for about $20,000. I’ve been thinking of forced motivation if I had a small RV. I would still work at my current job.  I would want to join a gym for the nice showers. Hopefully a gym with a decent yoga instructor and frequent classes with multiple locations.  It might force me to want to socialize more. God forbid, I call my friends every once in a while.

I will be going to an ugly sweater party on Friday night.  Should be lots of fun, and hopefully will get the funk out of my face.

JAMES BROWN Soulful Christmas  Santa's Got a Brand New Bag


  1. Don't stay locked in grief, your own or others. I'm glad you're not planning to got to your in-laws. You are moving forward. Onward and upward.

    The ugly Christmas sweater party sounds fun.

  2. You should post a pic of your ugly sweater.

    And I understand about holiday blues and not wanting to socialize. I truly do.

  3. Does a remembrance gathering for your wife feel right?

    Ugh. Holidays are so fraught and full of memories and stress and pressure to get it right again this year, and then we feel bad when we feel bad. I hope your ugly sweater is a truly Ugly Sweater.

  4. Argh. It is so hard once I let myself get into that place of not wanting others in my life. It can become a habit or a way of life. My suggestion - call one of those friends.

  5. Just a thought for the new year -follow up on the idea of a 'free box' a week at the street corner. It could be baby steps in the right direction of vandwelling or simply making the move to your new house easier. Might make you feel like you are taking action towards your next big decision without scaring you too much. Just a thought.

    The best to you


  6. I have an Ugly sweater party to attend on Friday as well!

    RV living sounds interesting.