Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Generating Passive Income in the midsection

People seem obsessed about generating passive income.  I spent last night talking with a friend that wants to buy another rental property so he can have income in 15 years when the house is paid off. I’m all about delayed gratification, but that sure does seem a gamble. As I look for a house to buy for myself, I see how many homes have “deferred maintenance” that are selling dirt cheap. As I research these homes, I realize most of these have been rental properties.

I see landlords that didn’t spend a dime on any upkeep whatsoever, allowing their tenants to live in homes falling apart. Why replace the windows at a cost to the landlord, when the tenant can increase their cost by turning up the heat? I’m not so sure I could be that type of landlord.


I don’t seem to have much to say about anything lately. Work is getting very busy and I am very tired.
I stood in line for over an hour last night at the local Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my drivers license. Easy Breazy, just like that, I had a new license. With a fat picture. Seriously…. Not phat, but fat.


  1. Love your sense of humor. It's good to laugh, even over the phat vs. fat problem. Maybe especially over that problem. I've done some "passive income generating" myself. Now, I have to "simplify."

  2. Feeling your pain over the DMV shot. They use the fat lens - don't take it personally. Last time, they snapped on the double-chin lens, which I didn't think was funny.

  3. "Passive income" is really anything but passive. More like massive PITA. I am so glad to have found your blog, Ish. You are really interesting. I am not sure that there are any men in my life that could write so articulately about grief. I am very impressed. And that really isn't a negative commentary on the guys in my life. Just an observation.
    Looking forward to reading more, so hope you find your writing mojo again. ~ Tricia

  4. Teresa- the picture has been a great motivator the last two days!

    Good Luck Duck- There was no Ish-Behind option. At least they let me spit-wash my cow-lick back.

    Tricia- Thank you for the kind words, and welcome aboard :)