Friday, December 2, 2011

Music Non-Stop

I get the mini-van back today. Went ahead and did a bunch of other repairs I have been putting off. Total repair bill: over $600. Ouch.  Hopefully the repair to the electrical system is good.

On the plus side, it has been nice taking the bus to work this week. When the weather turns a bit warmer, I may even purchase a monthly bus pass. I could save over $175 a month if I took the bus every day.


It’s a music filled weekend.
Tonight I will be stretching my boundaries again. I will be going to a singer/songwriter musician jam fest.  Quite funny since I have no talent in any of those artistic endeavors. Sure, I sing karaoke, and play with a bunch of guys in a garage band, but that isn’t really talent. But it will be nice to be with a new group of people, with a few faces that I know. And Saturday night I will be travelling about 1 hour out of the city to a little town that a friend is singing at. This is her first paid singing gig and I am very excited for her. Hopefully her next paying gig will be a bit closer to home.


I will be seeing B.D on Sunday night, she’s back in town after a presentation for her graduate studies. I feel like she is sucking me into a relationship. I will be joining her for Happy Hour on Monday with some of her friends from out of town, we are going to accompany each other to our respective company holiday parties this month, and it all seems easy and comfortable…..
Kraftwerk - Music Non Stop

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