Thursday, January 12, 2012

Might as well Jump away from Vapid Beauty

Last night, I went to a small restaurant that sometimes lets a sweet ukulele band play in a corner.  The place is pretty small, and I ended up going alone. As I sat at a fairly large table by myself in a crowded room, a group of young attractive women asked if they could join me. Sure, plenty of room, I said. These young women immediately started chatting Sex in the City style. Holy Garbage, Catwoman!

Here is one of the highlights:

First Woman introducing herself to me: Hi, I’m Yasmine.
Me: Hi Jasmine, nice to meet you.
First Woman: No, Yasmine with a Y
Second Woman: You pronounce it with a Y?
First Woman: Are you really asking me how I pronounce my name? How long have we been friends?
Second Woman: Since 3rd grade.
Third Woman: Yasmine, is that like Muslim or something?
First Woman: Well, I am Persian.
Fourth Woman: That’s like Arab, right? But like the good kind?
Me: Well nice to meet you Yasmine, (quickly looking to Second Woman) and what is your name?

I should have written down all the conversations last night. These women obviously had way too much money, talked about jetting across the states for their jobs, buying multiple homes, high-pitched voices with Valley Girl accents, college degree in business marketing….. you know the kind. And yet…. they were empty. Seriously empty. Gut-wrenchingly sad kind of empty. The kind of empty I am afraid of people seeing within me. 

Realistically, I acknowledge my life is full and rich with experience. I just need to learn how to accept it.

And on a completely different note, Van Halen has announced plans to tour with David Lee Roth again.  The original Van Halen lineup was my late wife’s favorite band growing up.  My wife and I had very different musical tastes, so she would subject me to Van Halen quite often. Sometimes I would quietly retaliate by playing this Jump cover song by Aztec Camera. She would cringe and laugh and we would sing along to both versions.


  1. I can forgive her not knowing Iranian ≠ Arab, but 'the good kind'? Yeech.

    I know a Persian woman named Yasmeen. She's not inane at all, so probably not the same person.

  2. Whoopsie, you know me better as The Good Luck Duck.