Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ecstatic Estate Sales

Paperwork has been accepted, signed and returned on both ends. Ernest money check has been deposited. Loan Documents have been ordered. It’s way beyond official now. And of course I’m freaked out of my mind.

Realistically, the house will only be a couple of hundred a month more than what I am currently spending on rent and utilities. Still cheaper than the mortgage that was on the suburban ranch house I sold a year ago.

And really…. If I even get just one person to rent a room (and not two people like originally planned) I will be able to put a good chunk of extra payment towards the mortgage.


Well, it didn’t take long, and I have already disabled my OkCupid account.  I don’t think there are many people on that site that fit the profile of people I am drawn to.   I’m much better off getting more active in my community doing the things I like to do, and meeting people organically.

It is time to focus on me. Focus on the house. Focus on setting up the house to be a home. I will have to buy a lot of yard tools again. Heck, I should be hitting the estate sales now, and getting some small things I know I will need. I love estate sales for that type of stuff. The items are cheap, usually better quality than new, and has character.

My usual Wednesday night dilemma is whether to go to Ecstatic Dance or to my friend’s Yoga and social hour in his backyard. Tonight I won’t be doing either. I have plans to go see a music group consisting of women that play all kinds of string instruments. I have a few friends in the band, and I have seen them many times before, always a great treat.

New Experiences! Pushing Boundaries! Exploring Outside of Normal Comfort Zone!


  1. Hey, this is exciting! I do like buying houses, I have to admit.

  2. all good! love the way you write. ~ T.