Friday, February 24, 2012

Forcing a Smile on my Face

Decision has been made. I am tearing out the entire basement. All of the walls we opened had significant mold problems. We are even tearing out the shower and kitchen area. All of the bamboo flooring has been removed. We will be rearranging the configuration, so all of the tile will need to be removed also. I can’t afford any of this work, but it needs to be done.

It appears the problem was created by a couple of things.  The ground outside the house is not draining away from the foundation properly. Some slope grading and drainage options will take care of that problem.  The basement walls were never sealed or even painted. The framing and heavy duty insulation did not allow any moisture to evaporate.

On the bright side, the heater works great, the siding is about halfway done and looks beautiful, and …and….and…..I’m forcing a smile on my face because it will all work out fine

On the fun side, I’m having breakfast tomorrow with my friend who owns a vintage clothing store. He is encouraging me to “Use The Gay” (his words) for interior design ideas. I think I will drag him (no pun intended) downstairs to check out the space since. Now is the time we can completely rearrange the walls so input would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, I’m stereotyping my friend, but all in good fun, and he really does have a great eye for fashion and architecture. He was/is a graphic designer and photographer in another life on top of owning the vintage store.


  1. So, you've scored a little queer eye, Straight Guy. Good for you.

    Houses are always always always like that. It's a wonder homeowners survive to old age.

    The Good Luck Duck

  2. Houses are like kids. The just need love and money. - T.