Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sh!t people say to Widows

There is a fun new YouTube video going around that was created by the awesome blogger over at  FreshWidow 

It’s a short clip in the vein of all the recent “Sh!t people say” series.

Sh!t people say to Widows & Widowers

It’s hilariously well done.

So this also begs the question….What DO you say to a grieving person?

Perhaps the best thing to say is……. “I’m Sorry”

Then present an inviting stance to the grieving person that would allow a hug if the grieving person so chooses, but not so inviting that would cause awkwardness if the person doesn’t want a hug.

Then promptly DO something for them without asking.  Like emptying the trash or doing some dishes….


And make sure you stick around to the end to read the credits…..There is a familiar name in there J


  1. I guess I should clarify, I'm talking about doing something unasked for a person in the early stages of grief.... well, unless you want to clean my bathroom... you can totally do that for me unasked.

  2. I think seeing all these statements that aren't really very helpful and/or meaningful to someone dealing with grief was eye-opening. I hope I would never say any of them, to anyone, but stupidity can rear its ugly head when we least expect it sometimes.

    I have no idea which line you contributed or if you are the handsome man in the video, but whatever your contributions, this was good to see. I hope all those well-meaning people learn to keep it brief and kind.

    And, yes, doing Real things for people who are grieving seems to be the perfect response. Even cleaning the bathroom. :)

    1. Teresa
      The one phrase I have vowed never to say to anyone again:

      "I know exactly how you feel"

      And those people do mean well. I was one of those people once. When you live a life that doesn't have any real loss or hardship, there just isn't any perspective.

      ....and as for contributing to the video, I only supplied a line or two, I'm not the gentleman at the end.