Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More house stuff!

 The HVAC guy came out to the house this morning. Seems I have an extra strength water heater that pumps water into coils that a blower then moves the air.  The technician seemed to think it was a pretty nice setup, and apparently it is a very cost effective way to heat smaller homes. I will need to do more research on it.

The bad news is, there is a broken part on unit, and of course it is a special order piece.  I won’t have heat until middle of next week.

I did find an incredible amount of dog hair and dust completely clogging the air filters though. It looks like the previous owners never cleaned the filters. At all. No wonder they were always sick. I’m going to have all of the duct work cleaned out.
The house currently has cedar lap siding. Very nice and expensive stuff. But the south side of the house needs extensive work, and the entire house has 2 inch holes drilled between the studs where they sprayed in expanding foam for insulation.  The cost of replacing the south side of the house will be expensive.

I am thinking of tearing off ALL of the cedar siding, and replacing it with a Tyvek wrap and Hardi-plank.  And putting some better insulation in the walls instead of little squirts of expanding foam that may or may not have covered the entire wall.

And if I do the siding, the roof will be re-done as well.
I am also getting an estimate from a custom cabinet finisher to re-build some of the built-ins. The picture below shows the closet in the main bedroom. The closet in the second bedroom at one point in time probably looked exactly the same. The second bedroom has these horrible 70’s 3-piece sliders installed where the doors and mirror used to be. It would be great if I could get it to match the main bedroom.

It’s not all about the house though. I will be going to my regular ecstatic dance tonight.
I’ve also downloaded a phone app that will help me track where my money goes. I originally wanted it just for purchases related to the house, but I’ve added a column for Food and another for Entertainment. I think I will be shocked at the monthly food outlay.


  1. Great closets! I love old house details. They are the best. Sounds like your old house needs a lot of love (ie. $$$). It will be worth it though! Congrats. ~ T.

  2. You said it! more $$$, and then some more $$$, but with a generous helping of Love spread all over :)