Thursday, February 2, 2012

Moving Through the Doorway of a Nation

I started this blog with the intention of downsizing and buying a large van or small RV.  With the final intention of downsizing to only a vehicle. Along the way I found that I really need a strong sense of home. I want to travel, but only in short spurts with a home waiting for me.

I haven’t given up my dream of travel, I’ve just modified it. 

So here I am, with another 30 year mortgage, hoping I can pay it off in 10 years. The house is already costing me more than I want to spend, but if I get things done right the first time, I should have minimal upkeep as the years go by.

I struggle with the need to have this materialistic home. My wife and I had a beautiful ranch style home in the suburbs on a 1/3 acre lot, with a 5 acre wooded area against our back fence. There would be deer and raccoons that would come into the yard to drink water from our in-ground swimming pool. There were summer BBQ’s and swim parties. There were dinner parties and get-togethers. My wife was the organizer and the glue that held our circle together.

I would like to bring some of that back into my life with this house. Minus the swimming pool. Those things are a real bummer to keep clean. The new house has a hot tub and that will be more than enough work for me, thank you.

Friends over for dinner, around a backyard fire pit. I miss that.  And I can have that again, with new friends and new traditions.

Moving through this new doorway, open to new situations.

Tom Jones Situation- The lead and how to swing it
cover of Yaz song


  1. I can totally understand the wanderlust, but having roots somewhere is good too. I think you are discovering that you can have both. And it is much easier to lock the door and drive away from a house without a swimming pool. Good choice.- T.

  2. And oh so nice to unlock that same door after a trip!

  3. Oh I love a good hot tub... and I cook too...

    I don't know if my wanderlust will ever die out or not. For now, I am enjoying my little old wheel estate as my only home. I admire you for taking on a mortgage. I shudder to think about going into debt for anything at this point and time in my chaotic life.

    1. It is very frightening for me, and time will tell if I have made the right decision, and while I am quite envious of your wheel estate, I still feel that lifestyle will be in my world some day.