Friday, November 18, 2011

Drafty, with a chance for warmth

My new apartment is in a wonderful location, with great old built-ins and full of character. It also is drafty with poor plumbing and wiring. This morning I tripped the circuit breaker by using a hair dryer when the space heater decided to kick on. Great. I fumbled for a flashlight, threw on some clothes and walked ….outside… to the basement side door to reset the breaker. It was only 36 degrees outside…..

This is all great news though. It will force me to be active in looking for a place of my own. I won’t be complacent in mediocrity like my last apartment.  This will force me to look at what I really want in a home. Previously I was looking for someplace big enough to have two roommates help pay for a huge mortgage and maybe generate a little income. My new thoughts are to go very small with a minimal mortgage and keep the space just for myself with no roommates. This would also leave a bit of a nest egg of funds. With any luck, the space would have room to park a van or RV for future travels.
B.D. is coming over tonight, and will probably stay until Saturday morning, when she needs to leave for an out-of-town trip. It will be interesting to see what my brain does. This is a new living space with no memories (except for the bed itself, with brand new sheets and mattress pad!) and we have no plans for the night…

I’m glad that she has to leave early though, as tomorrow is my only day to clean the old apartment. I hope to be completely out, and hand over the keys.  Should be easy as everything is out of the place and I just need to clean and scrub. I don’t know why I’m working so hard on it, as I seriously doubt the landlord will give me back my cleaning deposit anyway.
I see my shrink today, and she will be happy to hear that I have a date with B.D tonight, but I will also be attending a dinner party Saturday night with the 28 year-old hottie, and then on Tuesday I have plans to have dinner with the woman I dated for 6 months that reminded me way too much of my wife. My shrink is encouraging me to see other people in social settings. Not necessarily a dating setting, but just getting myself out there talking with women that are desirable. I suppose she is trying to get my self –esteem back up to previous levels.

Sunday is an early afternoon 40th Birthday party for one of my hiking partners.  This should be fun. She is a naturopathic doctor and the afternoon should be filled with interesting people. The late afternoon finds me once again going to the monthly young widows/widowers group. I told myself I was going to skip this month, but they went and scheduled it for a restaurant within walking distance of the new apartment.

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