Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday!

My company took me out for a birthday lunch today.  Since I got to pick the place, I chose an East Indian restaurant. This was not well received by anyone in my department. There are 14 people in my department and there was maybe 2 other people that had even tried Indian food in the past. I made it easy for them, and picked an all-you-can-eat buffet style restaurant so they didn’t have to decipher a menu. It was quite fun watching my coworkers ooh and ahh over the “strange” food.  In the end, everyone liked it, and they all went back for a second round at the buffet. Success!  We usually go to big chain restaurants filled with overpriced tasteless food. It was nice to shake things up a bit and get them to expand some taste buds.  And the small, local, family-owned business was very appreciative of our patronage.

Altered Images Happy Birthday Clare Grogan


  1. Strike a blow for (dietary) diversity! Come to think of it, there were only two Indian restaurants in Ithaca, and they both served the same types of food, and I don't know what part of India the owners were from. Here in Lake City, the diversity comes from a Chinese restaurant. Sigh. Anyway, moving on!

    Hey, I'm on a one-woman campaign to eliminate second-page word verification. It's because on the road, connectivity is represented by a question mark, and every downloaded page matters. So, if the verification is on the same page as the comment box my life becomes even awesomer than before. Consider it? I'll never boycott, I just won't comment when connection is inferior.

  2. Happy Birthday, and what a great idea. I Love east Indian food and being around another culture. And, good for you, that you weren't afraid to step outside the box.

  3. I think I have successfully removed 'second-page word verification', not sure of what that will do for spam, but we will see !

    Thank you GLD and Teresa for the encouragement and thoughtful comments and feedback!