Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In My Room

Looked at my new apartment today. The carpets have not been cleaned, and the promised new front windows have not been replaced. The windowpanes are barely connected in these windows, with wind flowing freely inside. The landlord also indicated she wasn’t going to paint the walls. Now that the previous tenant has removed all their paintings and posters, the walls look terrible. I will slap some paint on the pink bedroom, and cover the beige in the front room. I will probably pick a neutral grey to match the white trim.

I’m a bit freaked out that I need to get her to do these repairs while the apartment is empty, and also get myself moved from my current apartment by the end of the month. And there is a holiday in there as well.

On the bright side, there is a beautiful view across the city to the hills from my new front windows. There is ample closet space, and an actual kitchen.  The place has old electric wall heaters, so I will research space heaters to supplement the warmth.

I will need to consciously restrict my social activities this month! And I just got a text from my buddy who wants to hit a yoga class tonight with me. Must Have Willpower To Say No… starting next week J
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