Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthdays, Music, and Weddings

A three day music festival is great for re-energizing the soul. It was amazing.

I had gone to the festival campground early on Thursday to set up some tents, and then came back into town for a friend’s 40th birthday party. It was a great party, and very healthy for me to go to. I’ve known these people for almost 3 years, but I still have that insecurity that they just let me hang around because they feel sorry for the socially awkward widower. I realize this is totally not true, and that they truly enjoy my company based on the growing 2.5 years of friendships. I value these people. They have an openness in their communication that helps me look deeper within myself.

The weekend festival had some pleasant surprises. Reconnecting with an old friend, and connecting with new. And the music was darn good, too.
There was a group of women travelling in an old RV that had seen a lot of miles, and probably more than a few visits to Burning Man. These were seasoned nomads, and a pleasure to share space with. There was one older woman in this group who walked with a cane.  I would see her every couple of hours, and would be drawn to her. I eventually went up to her with the simple greeting of “Hello, Sister”.  She had a wonderful peaceful smile, with deep insightful eyes. Her inner strength and essence strongly reminded me of my wife. We talked briefly and continued our paths.  As the weekend went on, and we crossed each other frequently, the resemblance to my wife grew stronger. I hadn’t realized how physically similar this woman looked like my wife. Same hair style, height, body shape and facial features.  The wrinkles of old age beautifully dancing across her smile and twinkling in the corners of her eyes, the wrinkles my wife never had the joy to receive. This was the vision of my wife 15-20 years into the future if she had lived. As this Travelling Sister and I talked, and exchanged names, I was overcome with grief finding out she shared the same name as my wife. As we gathered each other up in an embrace as my tears rolled down, the familiarity of her embrace was almost too much to bear.

Thank you, Sister.
I left the festival several hours earlier than I normally would have, as there was a Sunday evening wedding for an incredible couple. Part of the same group of people from the birthday party on Thursday,  I was once again honored and humbled to be allowed access to this incredible group.  With tears in my eyes yet again on this incredible weekend, I recognized the spark this young couple has. The same spark that my wife and I had.

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