Monday, August 15, 2011

Dough Balls of Confusion

Maybe it all boils down to needing the right kind of excitement in my life. I had a great weekend of a Friday night birthday party, a Saturday morning 7 mile hike to some breathtaking waterfalls, a late-night dinner party that ended with an hour-long midnight walk through downtown, and on Sunday morning an ecstatic dance class, a few hours of boring laundry and housework, and another hour-long walk after dinner with friends. Pretty busy weekend, and the activity level was just about perfect. Lots of movement, sweat, and there were even 4 (yes FOUR) doughnuts thrown in. Regular old-fashioned doughnuts, for the record.

I’m Flip-Flopping on my goals again. I keep finding great houses, but just a day or two late. There are investors jumping on these homes. Again, there doesn’t seem to be any housing crisis in the normal urban working class neighborhoods. The rougher neighborhoods and the middle-upper suburban neighborhoods seem to have the stagnate housing sales.
With that said, I am putting a backup offer on yet another house. It needs lots of work, but it could work out great. And it has a really nice covered RV carport!

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