Wednesday, August 3, 2011

women with banjos

As I left my basement apartment for work this morning, I noticed a van parked across the street.
It was a Dodge Grand Caravan with a Thule storage box on top. Out of state license. The back windows were tinted, but I noticed extra fabric was hung to further block the back windows. Just like mine when my wife and I would camp.  My curiosity piqued, I looked in the cab. Yup, more fabric was hung behind the front seats, blocking the back end from view. The windows were open a bit, and there was heavy condensation on the windows. 
Someone was parked for the night and sleeping. A Stealth Van! I approve this action.
I am attending a 3-day music festival this weekend. Pickathon is an annual event held just outside of Portland, Oregon. Great banjo, fiddle, guitar and beer.
I bought my tickets before talking with friends, and very few of my regular crowd are going this year. I’m a bit disappointed. I will be camping alone, without a friendly gang. I’m not too worried though, as I am sure I will meet friendly people camped near me. I had an extra ticket I was able to give away through bartering some acupuncture from a really groovy woman…very happy about that!

My wish list seemed so simple at first.
1)      Minimum Two bedrooms
2)      One bathroom
3)      Double car garage or oversized single
4)      Within .5 miles of Light Rail Public Train Transit 
5)      Full basement (unfinished is great)
6)      Needing a moderate amount of repair/updating
7)      And of course, within budget with leftover for updates/repairs.
It seems the hard part is Location and the Short Sales. There are plenty of inexpensive homes, but they are either too far away from the city central bus and rail lines, or they are short sales being held captive by the banks. Anything remotely close to downtown that is in decent shape is being snatched up quickly. My hometown  has become a hipster magnet for the entire nation.

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