Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Schizophrenic (No I'm Not)

My co-worker thinks I have ADD (Bright! Shiny! oooh)
My shrink thinks I might be slightly depressed (who woulda thunk?)

I'm wasting a bit of time before heading to another birthday party for a groovy lady that is turning 41. 
What is it about being in your 40's ? The WanderLust seems to hit quite a few of us. Especially the childless ones.

I'm sitting in a BurntChunks (starbucks) and in the parking lot there is a conversion van. Definitely a VanDweller. There is a back cargo box on the trailer hitch piled with coolers, tarps and a couple of bicycles.  The back and side windows have reflectix covering. The vehicle is a fading late 70's Chevy van with a fiberglass topper. Looks like the perfect size vehicle. It's a bit rustic looking, but unobtrusive and functional.

I don't have much vacation time with this job. They only give us 2 weeks a year. Not Enough. I'd like to take the two weeks all at once and rent a van and see how I like it, but I've done two-to-three weeks at a time in my mini-van. Two weeks wouldn't be enough time to stretch my boundries. I guess I cheated in the mini-van though.... every 4-5 days we would stay in a cheap motel or campground to shower and re-organize. 

Video- The New Duncan Imperials album Hanky Panky Parley Voo!

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