Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weak foundations won't support strong endeavors

I’m frustrated. My focus has been on finding a home. My “Passion & Purpose” for the time being, until something actually meaningful to me comes along, has been finding a home to center on.
Poking my finger through the crumbling sheet rock of yet another house, my hopes of finding a small and inexpensive home are fading quickly. This last house was extra special. A light tap of my shoe against the foundation wall dropped about 10 pounds of concrete onto the floor. The foundation was disintegrating as fast as the leaking and sagging roof.  And this house supposedly already had half a dozen offers.
I left the house fairly quickly as 2 more realtors showed up with happy clients in tow, eager to join the frenzy.
There is a housing crisis going on across the nation, but here in the Pacific Northwest, the hot location properties are still….well…. hot. It really does boil down to location, location, location.
So I went out with some friends last night for some therapeutic Karaoke instead.
I sang a few times:
I saw the Light – Hank Williams Sr.
Situation - Yaz
On the Darkside –John Cafferty
Everybody wants You- Billy Squire

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