Monday, August 22, 2011

Life can move forward

Hiking both Saturday and Sunday was great. A little sore this Monday morning, but gorging myself on huckleberries on the side of a mountain was well worth it. Even dipped my feet into a beautiful alpine lake for a few minutes. Bliss.
Previously I mentioned looking for a house that I could plunk all of my retirement savings into and possibly not have a mortgage. With the current interest rates, I am rethinking that plan. I can’t stand the thought of paying the bank all that extra money for the interest, but if I am able to have roommates help pay for it for a few years, maybe it would be better not to spend the retirement funds. Again, playing it safe…the recurring theme in my life.
There has been no word yet on the house that I put the back-up offer on last week. The more I think about this home, the more I can see myself in it. There will always be other houses with just as good or better layouts, but this is the first one I have really been jazzed about. I’m 95% sure the first offer will close with no problems, and I will continue my search. I will know for sure this Friday.

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