Tuesday, October 4, 2011

7 words Wall St doesn't want them to say on TV

Today is pretty rough at work. Three out of Three supervisors are gone, and I am “it” and there are well over twice the normal issues happening today. Breathe Deep.

So I didn’t get the house yesterday. I had offered full price on it, but the seller went with another offer. I can’t imagine the other offer would have been ABOVE the asking price! Oh well, there will be others.

The date with the 28-year old last night was very nice. I think we will have another. And tonight I have a date with the Blind-Date woman (this will be the 5th date with her). I need to be very up front with her and let her know that while I enjoy our dinners, I do not feel a long-term connection with her. Honesty is best, right?

I’m just feeling over-whelmed right now, from work, the loss of the potential house,…. And I am also contemplating joining the crowds this weekend in showing support of #OccupyWallSt . There are #occupy groups popping up in most large cities across the country. Look into it. Ask around. Find out what they are protesting. I think it will surprise you.

George Carlin has an interesting viewpoint:
seven words you can't say on TV

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  1. Carlin was a genius, comedic and otherwise. Chomsky and Zinn said it, but Carlin was accessible.