Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Poetry?

Ended up at a poetry reading last night. It wasn’t horrible, just not real exciting. Most of the readings were women pondering things like embryos clinging to red walls reminiscent of children hanging from monkey bars, or tucking children in at night with thoughts of being a better parent tomorrow. Yeah. That kind of poetry reading. But I was supporting a friend who was supporting one of the readers, so I got some cultural points this week.

I am going to put my deposit down on the new apartment today. With any luck I can start moving in next week, depending on the flooring situation. The carpets need cleaning desperately.  I want to hang pictures and artwork up as quickly as possible to make it home.

Halloween weekend. Could be fun, could be crazy. I have left tonight wide open, and have a party on to attend on Saturday. B.D. is attending a different party, but might show up to meet me later. Sunday I have an event to carve some pumpkins. Sunday is also Hippie Dance Church, but they are doing a Day of the Dead celebration type dance, and I don’t think I should subject myself to that.

I’m not so sure about my Halloween costume this year. I was talked into wearing a black negligee type top, with a black skirt. I found some cool boots at a local thrift store, they have a thick high heel and go up a little way over the ankle.  I will also be wearing a ¾ sleeve long gold lamé coat. Yeah, not sure how I was talked into this cute little number. 


  1. I just stopped by via those wacky wonderful ladies at The Good Luck Duck. You have something to say every day, from what I can tell in reading back a bit.

    Poetry readings can be Dullsville for the most part. It helps to know the poets slant going in. Otherwise you just become an audience for others self-absorption. Blech. Completely the opposite of blogging, of course. :)

    Hippie Dance Church?

    FYI: The tipping thing is way control freaky. Just my two cents.

  2. *waves to Teresa* I think I'm following you.

    Man, I could stand a little Hippie Dance Church around here. Everyone here could, they just don't know it.

    I agree about the tip. And, poetry has to sneak up on me and knock the wind out of me. Uterine motifs probably wouldn't do it for me. Or monkeys. Uterine motifs wouldn't do it for monkeys. I think I've covered it all: no uterine poetry. I'll take Vogon, thanks.

  3. You guys are awesome! Thanks for the feedback! I'll write up a bit on the Hippie Dance Church soon.