Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time passing, listening to the moment

Wow, the 28 year old emailed me late in the afternoon yesterday asking me to join her for a dinner and a theater show last night. Very late notice, but of course I said yes. I had a great time. We had a nice long 2 hour plus visit before the show. She is a strikingly beautiful woman but doesn’t appear to realize it. I really didn’t think she would contact me again. Our previous date ended with me letting her know I would wait for her call to contact me. I guess I am just being overly cautious with the age difference.

And my dinner plans for tonight have changed with B.D. (the Blind Date woman) as she is not feeling well and has re-scheduled for tomorrow.

This is something new for me, trying to date more than one woman at a time. I am not being physical with any of them, so it seems ok in my brain so far.

With these change in plans, it leaves tonight open. I plan on going to a Widow/Widowers grief support group sponsored by the local hospice. I haven’t been to this particular group in quite a few months. Not sure why I feel the need to go, maybe it’s just to fill some time and have something to do, or the sadness of realizing how much time that has passed. This week marks the third anniversary of the death of my wife.

My struggle continues of how to manage the feelings of letting my life move forward without being able to share it with her.  

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  1. It becomes... Interesting.... when you start dating more than one woman at a time. Just be careful not to get too many! Over the course of a year and a half, I saw far too many, and it was exhausting. lol At least they all knew about eachother, and some I met on suggestion of the other. Women are funny that way....