Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Warrior In The City

Dreams of RV living are filling my thoughts again. The whole “If not now, when?” scenario is on repeat in my brain.

I’m noticing more and more vehicles that have people living in them. I don’t kid myself for one minute, as most of these are vandwellers by necessity, not choice.  They probably have no reliable means of putting gas into the vehicles, much less for their stomachs.

Could I really give up two years of employment, safety in a home, comfort in a city filled with friends and family and familiar sights in exchange for a somewhat solitary existence in such a small space? And at the end of a year or two, could I really step back into the working world? What’s my Hesitation?

Can I really “Find Myself” out there?

Could I do this in smaller steps? Maybe I find a vehicle first, and still work at this job, and try living in the city, getting a 24-hour fitness membership for showers? The freedom of getting rid of most of my material possessions, yet keeping the stability of a very good job while living in a van. Keeping the job could allow me to “chicken out” any step along the way.

I can see myself in a RoadTrek 210, and could probably afford a 2005 version.  There isn’t very many for sale around here though.

I have a date tonight with a wonderful small business owner who is high-energy and focused. Her energy is so different than mine, and I have been very quiet the last few times I have been around her. She intrigues me. I would like this to not be our first and only date. 
Joe Walsh Soundtrack title song In the City from the movie The Warriors 
Let's get down to itboppers 

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