Monday, October 17, 2011

Bank Transfer Day – November 5th, 2011

Joined in the march for #occupyWallSt  October 15th - Day of Actions event in my hometown. It was massive, loud, and informational. Lots of quality speakers on stage. The local police were friendly, even helpful. There was a moment of tension when the march ended at the pre-acknowledged ending spot at an auditorium for more speeches, but the crowd wanted to continue marching. The local police held everyone back for about 15 minutes to establish a proposed route and then we were back on our way. They eventually funneled us into a large city park and the marchers disbanded peacefully.

There were more older faces this time. The word is getting out. The suburban families are starting to take notice and join in. A friend asked me why I was marching, and if I thought it was really doing anything to change the situation. Yes, I think it is making a difference. It is letting people know they are not alone in the daily struggle. It is showcasing some alternatives for a group of people that don’t normally pay attention to the news. One of the common themes for the speakers on Saturday seemed to be “speak with your wallet” and move banking accounts to local credit unions.

Bank Transfer Day – November 5th, 2011

There are local credit unions everywhere. Check into them!


I spent a good part of the weekend with Blind Date woman. On Friday I even took her to an event with a few close friends. I need to give her a name for this blog. How about B.D.?  We had a blast, and although she is pretty quiet, there is some fun conversation. She has invited me over for dinner at her place on Tuesday night.  I’m still torn on how to approach this budding relationship. I enjoy her company, but am unsure of how sustainable it could be. She is very reserved, and non-excitable. I’m not sure I have heard her laugh out loud yet. Smile and chuckle, yes, but an outright laugh needs to be observed soon. She is very serious business. But then again, I can be pretty darn serious myself.

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