Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just a mellow day

Yesterday’s blog post keeps crashing my Google Chrome. Not sure why. It appears to be ok in Internet Explorer. If it still crashes tomorrow, I will try removing the YouTube video that is attached.

I have stepped down as Assistant Organizer for the widow/widower group. It is time. The Organizer supports me and wishes to also step down in the near future. I think I will skip the next dinner just to see how it feels.

I am having dinner with B.D. tonight. We are going to a workshop for confrontation mediation afterwards. Sounds boringly fun. Not sure why I agreed to go, as I will be skipping hippie dance church to attend.

B.D. is very mellow and sweet, and while I enjoy our time together, there is still no spark for me.  Perhaps there needs to be a gentle talk before the workshop. Oh, the irony!

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