Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Busy day, almost forgot to post something!

The well-wishers are starting to leave emails and text messages letting me know they are thinking about me on this third anniversary of my wife’s death on Friday. I understand why they are doing it, and I do appreciate it, but it would be nice if they just let the day pass by normally. It would be easier on my emotions, especially during work hours.

I appreciate and encourage people to talk about my wife however and whenever they would like, and if they could spread it around throughout the year, it would make me very happy. I am being bombarded by my own emotions this week, and I know others are experiencing memories and feelings that they want to share with me, and it can be a bit heavy.

I am still trying to move forward.

I have a date tonight with B.D. at her house. We are making some pizza together. I’m a bit freaked out. My “Single Life” tells me to bring an extra shirt for work tomorrow. The reality is I will probably run for the door as soon as dinner is over.

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