Thursday, October 27, 2011

Conflict Mediation

B.D. took me to a free Conflict Mediation workshop last night (first in a series) that was at a local college. First time I have been in a classroom setting since high school. It was rather fun. Although it was amazing how fast my old insecurities came flooding back. Am I smart enough to understand this? They talk so fast, am I getting all this?  Don’t look at me to answer that question, I don’t want to speak out in front of all these people!  Whew! Breathe Deep! 

I still don’t know what to do about B.D.  She is smart, attractive, goal-orientated, and engaged with life, but she has a bit of a need to control. Last night, we had a late night drink after the class, and it was my turn to pay. I dropped some cash on the bill, and when the server returned with the change, B.D. took it upon herself to hand me my change, minus what she thought would be the appropriate tip amount.  A small thing, but that sense of always in control of everything would not work for me in the long term. I’m still waiting for her to bust out with a good belly laugh. Control. Zero Conflict. Mediation.

I may be easy going and can go with the flow, but I also don’t want to be forcefully led.

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