Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cool babies. Strange, but not a stranger. I'm an ordinary guy

So the 28 year old would like to have Happy Hour with me on Monday.  I’ll try not to be the creepy old guy staring at her from across the table… gotta play it cool, Daddy.

I sent in a request to my realtor for some more info on a house today. The house is right next door to a Facebook friend of mine. Could be fun. I might talk a walk through the house on Friday.

Ecstatic Dance was last night, and again I felt the need to express sadness. This time with a manic dancing that was more of just running in place double time to the music with my eyes closed. Twice I felt a hand on my chest, trying to calm me down. While I truly appreciated their thoughtfulness, whatever was being worked out needed to do so. At the end of the dance, people were talking about dancing on the edge. I shared that my edge has been a dark abyss for the last few years and I desperately want to find the opposite edge of lightness and that perhaps I need to find the middle first. A fellow that I see frequently at Dance came up to me afterwards and we had a great conversation about our paths in life. I shared with him that I am a widower.

ARGH! This should be a fun post! Filled with lust for the young hottie that wants to have drinks with me on Monday!  Come on, if middle aged Demi Moore can get a young guy like Ashton Kutcher…..
"Burning Down the House" is a song by New Wave band Talking Heads

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