Thursday, September 1, 2011

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Hippie Dance Church was quite humbling last night. I was reminded to Breathe, and to be conscious of time passing. At the end of the dance I shared some personal information for the first time. I shared of my wife’s death, and the darkness of the first year, when I needed to force myself to consciously breathe in and out.  It just seemed easier not to breathe, since time seemed to stop anyway. Life is much more filled with joy now. I can see a brighter future nowadays, filled with love and compassion ahead.

I went out for food afterwards with some of the regulars that I know from the other location we dance at on Sunday mornings. It was nice to connect with these people. They feel real.

I probably won’t do anything this upcoming 3-day weekend. I have some plans for a haircut and roller-skating Saturday, but that’s about it.  Yes, I said Roller-Skating. As in 4 wheels per shoe. It’s madness I tell ya! Maybe I’ll get lucky when it’s time for the Couples Skate in the Reverse Direction!

This was the song that seemed to be playing the most often during couples skate when I was a kid. Funny, since I think it is about the ending of a relationship

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