Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sailing Stormy Waters, to be With You, To be Free

Went sailing last night with a group of friends. First time on a sailboat. It was totally fun. Jibe, Tack, Port, Starboard…. it was a blast. It was a “Cutter” style sailboat.

The Captain of the fine vessel is the son-in-law of my shrink. There is a long story in there, that I may share someday. Great guy, and someone who I would like to know better.

He talked about some of the other boats at the marina, and pointed out several where the captain lives full time on the boat. Some of these boats were quite small, and I doubt there was much of a kitchen galley. I have also heard of many homeless living on the river with no moorage, literally throwing anchor permanently near the riverbank and using a small inflatable to ferry to their car each day. Sounds rough, but apparently these people feel much safer sleeping on the water, than in their vehicles. Probably pretty darn cold at night though.

Tonight I am heading out for some live band karaoke. A group of middle-aged rockers put together a band that has about 200 popular songs they know and will back up any singer that throws money in the tip jar. It’s a lot of fun, and a completely different experience from a regular karaoke bar. These guys are road tested professionals, and can make even the crappiest singer sound like a rock star.

My attitude is picking up again, probably because I am scheduling fun events every night. I am becoming more aware of the more down time I have, the more down my mood becomes. I need to be more proactive in scheduling events for myself. My sanity depends on it!

Rod Stewart

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