Monday, September 19, 2011

Fascinated by the way you make me feel

The Friday night Oktoberfest was a blast!  Went with a friend, who brought along a charming young single woman we went roller skating with a few weeks ago. We met up with a larger group of friends and there was much Schnitzel, Biergarten trips, and Chicken Dances to go around for everyone. The young woman and I became quite the team for the evening, with great conversation and dancing. Apparently the group was taking bets on what would be for breakfast for the two of us the next day.  Ay, there’s the rub…..this woman is almost young enough to be my daughter. I am fascinated by her.

On the way back, my friend unintentionally (?) managed to get dropped off home first, leaving the young woman and myself alone in the car. I kept it above board and light, but with definite clues to wanting to continue another day. 

And all of that didn’t keep me from going out to a nightclub Saturday night though! There was an event that someone puts together every once in a while that pulls in all the mid-late 80’s club kids from the downtown dance scene. The group is lots of fun, and we catch up on the last 20-25 years of our lives. There were lots of couples at the nightclub that had been married 20+ years with kids and the whole 9 yards. A few couples brought their children that were over 21!  It really brought me back to reality with the young woman from the previous night.

I was so tired Sunday morning I missed Ecstatic Dance. I was also slightly depressed. I literally laid in bed most of the day, and didn’t get up until 2:30 PM. I was dreading the remainder of the day, as I was going to a Young Widows and Widowers dinner group. I keep telling myself to stop going to these dinners, but I keep showing up. Middle-aged, slightly over-weight widower with no Passion and Purpose...I can feel sorry for myself sometimes, right?

I need to get ready for my 3-day backpacking trip this coming weekend!

Company B "Facinated"

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