Friday, September 2, 2011

Double Wide and Twice as Poor.

Wow, I was seriously contemplating buying a double wide mobile home for a short while yesterday.

Lord Help Me.

I lived in a double wide for 5 years after high school. It wasn’t horrible, but quite nice in some aspects. It was in one of the nicest and safest parks in the entire metro area.  The park is actually a city, with its own mayor, city council, etc. It was incorporated as a city back in the 1970’s. It is very well run and also has the cheapest lot fee in the whole area.  The lot fee is only $450 a month with water, sewer and garbage paid for out of the lot fee. Most of the other parks in this area are $500-$700 per month, no utilities included. The park has a newer double wide available for only $20,000.  That means for only about $600 a month (lot fee and electric), I could have 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and very little yard work.

I’ve lived in the park before, so what’s the catch?  I could list a bunch of negatives, but let’s leave it as “It’s just not my style”. 

So this is a 3-day weekend, and I have no plans other than a few things on Saturday. Tonight I am going to set up the bed in the mini-van, pack a few clothes and some food, and wander the city nightlife, and then park in a neighborhood and sleep for the night. The temperature is only getting down to 60F tonight, with a high of 85F tomorrow. So it could be rather warm. I will take the laptop and wake up early and have a nice stroll down the avenue in search of coffee and breakfast.

If things work out, I will stay in the mini-van all weekend. I will be easy on myself and still shower in the apartment, but will try to stay out as much as possible. If it gets too hot, I will head for the higher elevation in the mountains.

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  1. I had considered looking for a park lot to make my base of operations with the van for a while. Glad you decided against it. I appreciate your comment on my post, and I'm looking forward to seeing you survive the weekend. Strolling the avenue for coffee and breakfast - perfect start of the day, cheers.