Thursday, September 8, 2011

Release Yourself

I don’t really want to start skipping days posting to this blog.  I suppose I will eventually, but I want to keep daily workday posting up as long as possible. I think I posted last Sunday, so maybe I can skip one?

We are all searching for fulfillment. It’s a human condition struggle. Some people are just more aware of non-fulfillment than others.

I find it interesting that my writing has been so negative, and angst-ridden. In face-to-face contact I am usually described as cheerful and upbeat, usually wearing a smile. The smile hides the pain, I guess.

I have a second date tomorrow night. The woman is very nice, educated, pretty and very pleasant. Maybe the second date will show more of her fun, talkative, and spontaneous side. I’m not a high-speed talker, and I felt I was having difficulty encouraging her to engage with the conversation on the first date.

Rambling, non-focused, scattered, lost. These are my thoughts today. I need some type of release

Aleem  Release Yourself

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