Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Satisfied Mind

So the fascinating young woman from last weekend emailed me back. Maybe we will have a Happy Hour next week. She had actually brought up the idea of VanDwelling in one of our conversations and I would like to find out more of her ideas. I think she is leaning towards the style of van living experience.  I would rather have the Chinook style like Glenn. Don’t let my mind wander too far into fantasyland with this youngster, as it could be great to share a van for a while with her……  

But on the slower side, I also had dinner #4 with the Blind Date woman. We had a meal at our mutual friend’s home. It was quite nice, and she has some very attractive qualities but there is still no spark. It would be great to maintain a friendship with her, but we definitely need to have a talk about expectations.

So I have been struggling with future plans. The small Van/RV market seems to be hyper inflated right now as more people are losing their homes. Some of the used vans I see are significantly higher in price than two years ago. The gas prices have reached $3.99/gal in some parts of town and I fear they will continue the upward climb making a small RV drink a small fortune each month.

Buying a small house in this city does not seem to be an option, unless I move to the far outskirts in the less desirable areas. I have even looked further out of the city, and the country homes with a decent amount of land are priced out of my range, and the 40+ miles to work is significant at $3.99/gallon

I feel like I need to take advantage of these low mortgage interest rates as these are literally the lowest rates ever. But if I wait until spring 2012, maybe all the foreclosure homes will finally hit the market and push the home prices lower. Hard to imagine the prices going much lower though.

Why can’t I be satisfied with where I am right now? 

Porter Wagoner - A Satisfied Mind

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