Friday, September 9, 2011

And I'm running so hard to find it

My obsession with vandwelling seems to be rooted in self-actualization. Trying to dig down and find the real me. I’m not talking about hedonistic wild abandonment, but rather quiet introspection and self-acceptance. Getting to know myself. When removed from the standard race of daily existence, what would fill that void? Yeah, you guessed it. I’m hoping it will be filled with the elusive butterfly of Passion and Purpose. It will not harm me to know myself, would it?

I really like Glenn’s approach to RV living. He bought his vehicle first, before he did anything rash. He slowly moved things into the vehicle while still maintaining his apartment, and kept his daily routine for work the same. I really like this slow and intentional advance into the lifestyle.

What do I hope to gain by exploring this way of life? What am I giving up?

Giving up a solidly middleclass lifestyle for vandwelling seems foolish. Most full-time RVers  are retired, with income arriving in the bank account every month from somewhere. I’m contemplating living off of retirement money a good 20-25 years before I should. But I’m not talking about being on the road forever (at this point, anyway) just a year or two.

Push my boundaries! Explore my emotional surroundings! Perchance to Dream!

Is this natural for a 43 year old single guy to go through? I don’t know. I’ve played the straight game for so long, always by the rule book, maybe this is my time. I can always re-join the race, right?

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