Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How's about a date

When the Billy Idol song “Eyes Without a Face” came out in 1984, it sounded like he was saying “how’s about a date”.

I’ve been dating a few women since my wife’s death. I had actually found myself in a 6 month relationship with an incredible woman that would have made a wonderful partner. I mean wonderful like a long term marriage type partner. But I wasn’t ready. And it was more than that. She had way too many similarities to my wife. I felt myself falling into the trap of expecting her to have the same thought processes and life attitudes as my wife. A completely unfair and horrible expectation on my part, and instead of working through my issues, I ended the relationship instead.

Hrmph. So much for trying to be a self-aware human. What a putz.

So I’ve been trying to date different women. No hanky-panky, just honest getting-to-know-you style dating.  There have been a few nice people, but no spark. Most of the women I meet have done this dating thing for quite a while, so their approach is very weary and reserved which makes for a rather boring date if I end up being the talkative one, trying to pull tiny bits of interesting information from them.

I have a date next week with someone I have been interested in for over 2 years.  I will try to be mellow about it. And it’s weeks away….

I wonder how RV living and the dating scene work together?

And just for the record? I never liked the song.

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